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Rock Springs Turf Renovation Updates

What's New!

The latest details will be shared in this section.

-Registration for Fall 2022 CHAA Football and Cheer is OPEN!

-Construction began April 18, 2022.

-All of the 'oval' walking track will be closed during construction.

-Park restrooms should remain open, but closed for short terms during construction.

As of May 3, 2022:

RSP Field: CLOSED until renovation complete

Walking Track: CLOSED

Lacrosse Wall Ball: CLOSED

Public Restrooms: OPEN

Rock Springs Park renovation in late April 2022

Do Not Enter Construction Area.

Construction begins at Rock Springs Park in April 2022

Rock Springs Park Oval Walking Track & Lacrosse Wall Ball closed due to field renovation

Rock Springs Park Synthetic Turf Layout (field markings shown are not final)


Rock Springs Park in February 2022

Return to this page for updates to the renovation of the multi-purpose field at Rock Springs Park from natural grass to synthetic turf in 2022.

Gwinnett Daily Post Article from February 28, 2022

Basic Rock Springs Park field renovation details are covered by the Gwinnett Daily Post

Rock Springs Park Field Renovation FAQ

Where is the Rock Springs Park Multi-Purpose Field?

The field is located at 2955 Spriggs Rd, Lawrenceville, GA 30043. Collins Hill Athletic Association has operated its youth football and youth lacrosse programs there since 2009. This is not the soccer field complex on Old Peachtree Road that opened in 2017.


Why is the Rock Springs Park Multi-Purpose Field being renovated?

Starting in 2009, Gwinnett County Parks & Recreation has been upgrading its natural grass multi-purpose athletic fields to a synthetic turf. The synthetic turf increases the overall availability of the field to youth sports and field rentals year-round. Natural grass fields were susceptible to damage after inclement weather or long periods of non-use for sod repair in warm weather months.


What is synthetic turf for athletic fields?

Synthetic turf is artificial grass. At this time, we have not received the technical specifications of the turf that will be installed at Rock Springs Park. Improvements in design of artificial grass systems have come a long way since the original days of artificial turf.


How will the multi-purpose fields be renovated?

Starting in April 2022, Sports Turf Company will begin the project by limiting access to the field and removing the existing natural grass fields. The site will be prepared with new drainage, plumbing, and electrical systems to accommodate the more level synthetic turf field. Fencing and walkway areas near the Rock Springs Park concession stand will also be rebuilt to remove slope and repair damage.


When will the multi-purpose fields be renovated?

According to our information, the project will begin March 2022 and be completed in September 2022. During this time period, this will be a construction zone and public access will not be allowed. We are not sure of the exact schedule of when access to the walking track, public restrooms, lacrosse training wall, or parking will be limited.


Who is doing the Rock Springs Park field renovation?

Project bids were received in November 2021 and after the contracting process through Gwinnett County Parks & Recreation, the project was awarded to Sports Turf Company of Whitesburg, GA. STC has renovated other athletic fields at other County parks and high schools. Follow Sports Turf Company on Facebook to see company updates on this project and others. Sports Turf Company, Inc. | Facebook


How much does the project cost?

The project cost agreed upon by Gwinnett County and Sports Turf Company is $1,863,750. Click this link for award tabulation details: BL120-21 Award Tabulation.pdf (


Who uses the multi-purpose field?

Collins Hill Athletic Association, a not for profit organization, operates youth sports programs for participants in the surrounding community. Currently, youth football, youth cheer, and youth boys and girls lacrosse programs are hosted at Rock Springs Park. Gwinnett Football League (GFL) and Gwinnett Lacrosse League (GLL) host games in the Spring and/or Fall at the park. Outside organizations are allowed to request use of the field through Gwinnett County depending on availability. 


Will youth football/cheer season be affected?

Registration will still open in mid-March 2022 for Fall 2022 CHAA football and cheer. Plans are being made by CHAA Football and Cheer Directors to hold early season practices at alternative fields in the community. Due to the use of CHHS for game hosting on select weekends, a game schedule in Fall 2022 may not be affected.


Will youth lacrosse be available in the Fall?

The CHAA Lacrosse program is eagerly awaiting the completion of the renovation project. The Lacrosse Board will make a decision in late Summer if Fall Lacrosse can be offered depending on the progress of the project. Additional youth lacrosse events are planned once the project is complete.


Does Collins Hill Athletic Association own Rock Springs Park?

No, CHAA does not own Rock Springs Park. It is one of several Youth Athletic Associations that Gwinnett County authorizes to operate youth sports programs in its County-owned parks. CHAA does own equipment that is stored at parks to operate its programs.


Why did it take so long to renovate the Rock Springs Park multi-purpose field?

Gwinnett County started converting athletic fields to synthetic turf in 2009. It has built new parks and converted existing fields at other parks since that time. As planned, Rock Springs Park renovation was included in the list of 2017 SPLOST (Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax) projects. Other parks used revenue from earlier SPLOST referendums. The Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners approved the project bid award on February 15, 2022.


What will the synthetic turf field look like?

The first thing that people notice between a natural grass field and synthetic turf is how level (flat) it is. Because the field is permeable and the drainage system is all below the synthetic turf, a slight crown or ridge is not necessary to drain water effectively off the surface. The field will have artificial green grass with color field markings permanently 'painted' on including gridiron football, boys and girls lacrosse, and soccer. Project plans also may include new football goalposts, improved lighting, and scoreboard.


Can my organization use the field for an event or tournament?

Maybe. Most athletic fields managed by Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation are for permit use only. Gwinnett County does accept reservations for scheduled events and issues permits after organizations meet a variety of criteria with the purpose of protecting the fields for future long-term use. Click this link to learn more about renting County amenities: Outdoor Rentals | Gwinnett County





Facebook page for Sports Turf Company

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Rock Springs Park in March 2022 (Photo: Sports Turf Company)